Get into Shape on the Cheap!

We’ve all done it.  We get motivated to get into shape and join a gym.  Some of us even go so far as to purchase equipment for our homes. (I for one had the AbRoller, unsuccessfully begged for my mom’s AbLounge, purchased resistance bands and a balance ball, and gave away a thigh master!  Shall I go on?) Slowly but surely we find excuses not to go to the gym and the treadmill becomes a laundry basket.  Enough with the excuses.  We’ve got to get into shape.  Even in tough economic times we can accomplish this task.  With a little determination and savvy we can become healhly while being frugal.

  • Take advantage of free online resources.  If its motivation that you lack, the 50 Million Pound Challenge is a great way to get healthy.  You can join a team and support each other.  There are tools for creating meal plans, tracking your activity and much more. will help you determine the amount of sugar, heavy carbohydrates, saturated fat, etc. can be found in the foods in your diet.  The Real Age newsletter is also an awesome tool.  You can receive great tips directly in your inbox.  You can get tips on clearing your sinuses all they way to losing weight for colon health.
  • T.V isn’t all bad. Fit T.V and other networks have numerous workouts that you can take advantage of if you have cable or satellite.  They offer bellydancing, yoga, aerobics and much more.  If you don’t have cable PBS or your local access channel probably has something to offer.  Check your local listings.  (Be sure to check with your physician before starting any exercise routine.)
  • Get moving! Start walking or running.  If you live near the beach, walking without shoes can be a great aerobic activity.  Remember to use proper shoes for both walking and running.  Joe’s NewBalance Outlet is a great online resource for reputable walking and running shoes at prices to fit even the recession budgets we now have.   Start off the pace slowly for both running and walking to avoid any injuries.  Jumping rope and calesthenics are also very beneficial if your are looking to strengthen your body.
  • Become a fish. Or at least develop a love of water like a fish.  Increasing your water intake is the least expensive and most beneficial change you can make for your lifestyle.  Staying hydrated is vital for our proper physical function and can improve our mental functioning as well.
  • Eat more often! That’s right, I said it.  You should increase the frequency or your meals but you must decrease your portions.  Small meals eaten more frequently allow the body to efficiently metabolize what you eat.

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