The Story of Ruth: Book Review

Last month I had the opportunity of attending the first Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention.  While I was there I had the even greater pleasure of meeting Dan Liberto. I was drawn to a unique doll displayed at his booth in the vendor exhibit hall.   Dan was thoughtful enough to share a copy of his book, The Story of Ruth: Through a Child’s Eyes, with me, and I am so glad that he did!

As a mothDoll & Book Image.jpger of two daughters, I am always concerned about the way that young girls today are overly consumed with growing up too fast.  Even the innocence of play has been commercialized with dolls that focus more on self ambition than anything else.

Often, many people find it difficult to relate to the scriptures. The people and their culture seem so far removed from ours.  Dan did an excellent job of inviting the reader into Ruth’s story and helping them recognize, at any early age, the importance of standing up for righteousness.

I chose to read The Story of Ruth with my nine year old.  She really enjoyed our time together as we learned more about how Ruth must have been feeling.  We were able to reflect on the importance of sharing our God with everyone, just like Naomi did. She learned that Ruth’s obedience played a major role in the life of our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I had the opportunity to ask Dan’s wife, Jackie Liberto, a few questions about their book:

SOTF:  What was your inpsiration for writing this book? Inspiration for the doll?  Family Sofa Silly.png

Jackie:  Actually this idea was from the Lord.  I can’t really explain it.  The idea of girls interacting with a doll and learning a story that is true and not fictional is really the heart our product.  If you have girls or boys then you know they like to play and act.  They read our book and the Book of Ruth from the Bible and through their play, they are learning Biblical history.  The Old/New Testament can’t be separated.  Our eternal souls depend on knowing the Bible!
SOTF:  Many believers often complain about the society we live in and it’s shortcomings. You have chosen to counter it with an alternative. What challenges or oppostion, if any, did you face along the way?
Jackie:  Challenges?  All the time!  I did not grow up in a Christian home and did not become a Christian until I was an adult. Dan was churched as a child but lacked a relationship with Jesus. Satan delights putting all sorts of distractions and doubts in our path to deter us.  I doubted the idea many times, but had many friends who kept reminding me of the WHY and not necessarily the HOW.  My husband, Dan, is always a source of inspiration.  The Lord has confirmed our role many, many times.Jackie&Jord&doll.jpg
Challenges always arise when a husband and wife work together, then there’s homeschooling and a full-time career Dan has.  We are very busy, but we are all busy together.  We consider our calling a family entreprenuer endeavor.    It was challenging starting a business from the ground up.  We love it though.  Our daughter who participates in competitive speech made our ministry a part of her “Take Risks” speech she gave this week.  She is ministering to people and she doesn’t even know it.  Ha ha.  Let’s not tell her!
SOTF:  Are you planning to expand your line of dolls and books in the future?
Jackie:  Our doll is definitely an alternative to what is on the market today.  God will use all sorts of things to keep His Kingdom in the minds of His people and Ruth is just one tool.  Yes, we have plans for other dolls.  Dan is working on the Story of Esther currently!
We can’t wait to read the next book in The Freedom Girls series.   Check out the links below for more information!
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