Business Spotlight: February 2009

Okay Sisters, as promised we have chosen the first business for our Monthly Business Spotlight.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young woman who has used her God given talent to create an educational board game for children.  Robin Walker has an infectious smile and her face just glows when she begins […]

Don’t Forget to Remember

As I watch the inauguration of the 44th President of these United States, I sit in awe gazing at the sea of over two million people gathered on the mall for this historic occasion.  I can’t help but contrast it with the exodus of the  millions of people among the children of Israel.  It took […]

God Still Heals

“…But time and chance happen to us all.”  Eccl. 9:11 Life often gives us some low blows.  We are often hit with a sucker punch from now where and when we come to we can’t remember what happened.  It is our human nature to gather ourselves, regain composure and deal with the situation.  However, sometimes […]

When They Outnumber You

Tips for Survival when you’re outnumbered When the children outnumber you, it is easy to feel bombarded by the constant requests, whines, pleas, needs, and wants of the little blessings.    As a mother of four, I pray and ask God for the much needed guidance and strength for each new day.  I will share […]

What’s Going On?

Everyone enjoys it when kids imitate adult behavior.  We loved the Little Rascals and even Kids Say the Darndest Things.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of adult behaviors that are being imitated today are not appropriate for adults or children.  Today I received a very disturbing email that highlighted this very issue.  (Click the link below […]

Be Sure to Tell the Teacher…

School is back in session.  Our children are now back in the hands of educators who pour all of the knowledge they can into them.  At the start of each school year, parents and teachers form partnerships designed to maximize the potential of every student.  As in any working relationship, communication is the key.  As […]

Reading the Bible Aloud to Children

My five year old daughter requires constant stimulation.  If she does not have a scheduled activity she proclaims, “Mommy, I’m bored.  There is nothing to do.”  Our society has taught our children that they must constantly be entertained.  They thrive on numerous hours of television, video games and other tech devices.  Something as simple as […]

Tips: Teaching Children to Pray

The Bible is full of advice and instructions on child rearing. It has numerous examples of people who didn’t do a good job of it. Parents have a solemn responsibility to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 Teaching our children to pray is one of the most important […]