Confessions of a Former Coupon Snob

I guess for me it started when I was in high school.  My very first job was at a Food Lion supermarket.  I can remember how agitated I would get when these women, with stacks of unorganized paper clippings, would come into my line and attempt to sort through them as I tried to move […]

Recession Busting Tips: Pt. 2

1.  Pack your lunch. Think about it, if you spend $5.oo a day on just lunch and an average work week is 5 days, that’s $25.00 a week, $100.00 a month!  What can you be doing with that money?  It’s alright to treat yourself, but it can be expensive doing it every day. 2.  Use […]

Recession Busting Tips: Part One

Well Sisters,  I have spent the last few days pondering more ways to tighten my family’s belt.  I like to think that for the most part I can be pretty frugal although my husband and I both have our guilty pleasures.  We had a tremendous lifestyle change after I stopped working near the end of […]

Avoiding the Dollar Menu

Food is quickly becoming the number one concern of cash-strapped Americans according to a recent study from the International Food Information Council.  With the economy in a downward spiral many Americans are opting to eat from the dollar menu at many fast food restaurants to save money.   Unfortunately, the couple of dollars saved today will […]