How to Fix Frizzy Hair Fast?

How to tame our fizzy hair as a smoothie one by some Shampoos and Conditioners as much as quick Do...

Book Review: The Daniel Plan

Unless you have been living under a rock the past 10 years you have heard of Pastor Rick Warren. He is the founding Pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California. He was thrust onto the national stage and embraced by millions as their pastor after the overwhelming success of his book The Purpose Driven Life. Recently, […]

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God Honouring Weight Loss

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you compliment yourself or are your eyes automatically drawn to the flaws that you see? If we are honest with ourselves, most of us are very critical of ourselves—in fact, we are our biggest critics. Now let me ask you this—what do […]

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Good Health God’s Way

The God’s Pharmacy email has been around the world wide web numerous times but it is still a great reminder of how we should remember to take care of these bodies that God has given to us.  Enjoy! 1. A sliced Carrot resembles the human eye including the pupil, iris, and radiating lines. Science indicates that carrots […]

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